Mass effect 3 – Kaidan :)

I started a brand new fresh game with no saves.

I love love love this game, so nice to hear Kaidan’s voice again, but such a shame that Anderson may not be in the game..
I’ve played up until reaching the Citadel with an injured Kaidan, I loved carrying him on my back to get him to hospital ;)

However I’m going to restart the game as I realised that my femshep has a face that is too big for her body and it’s annoying me, so I’m making a new one.. plus my wireless controller ran out of batteries so I was using a fake wired Microsoft controller and it sucks! Will get some new batteries on the way home tonight.

So far the pace has been perfect with lots of running around doing things and progressing to a predetermined place, I’m not sure if it’s as open as ME1 and I cant seem to talk to as many people ie teammates just yet, nor have I been able to look around the Normandy, I’m curious to know what they have done to it and to see Joker etc.
I really don’t like that man, what’s his name, James? He gives me the creeps, I’m hoping that if I shout at him enough he will leave me alone..:p

I am soooo pleased I have this game and am hoping it may see me through until January so will be doing all the side quests etc..


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