Mass Effect 3 – The Genophage

This game is going well :)
I cured the genophage, although Wreav didn’t make it an easy decision for me, I was hoping that Eve would add some balance to the equation.. Mordin was also brilliant, and I’m glad the Krogans are on board.. I also saved the Rachni, they are helping towards our efforts :) hoping the Geth will join too although Tali will hate me.. :D

Am still waiting for Kaidan to get out of hospital, am really hoping he can join me on the Normandy.. James is still a creep, especially since he made nasty comments about Eve, and Garrus seems a little less arrogant so we are getting on a bit better. I met up with Miranda on the Citadel but as I really can’t stand her I didn’t offer to help with anything..
Still don’t know how EDI got into that body and am a bit wary of taking her out on missions as she’s supposed to be running the ship :hmm:

That’s it for now.. am playing this game very slowly as I don’t want it to end :oops:


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