Mass Effect 3 – The Citadel

So, I had dinner with Kaidan at the Presidium, and we discussed our feelings for one another :D I then suggested that we go back to the Normandy and he just disappeared!! :confused:

So I had a good look around the Citadel, I love the Presidium area and the way you can pick up new missions by listening in on conversations, I want as many as possible.. But don’t like they way some are locked out once you do those marked priority.
I had a dance at Purgatory, Shepard can move! and watched as Joker and EDI got jiggy on the dancefloor, although EDI seemed to stand around doing nothing, I guess she’s not used to having a body..

I somehow managed to do a mission for Aria.. I didn’t want to but at least I got to see a Vorcha again, those hysterical creatures are hilarious. Still haven’t managed to find a Hanar or speak to an Elcor, for some reason those 2 species are part of the Citadel ecosystem for me and it’s strange not to see or talk to them. Am also missing riding in the elevators..


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