Mass Effect 3 – Choices

I’m still in a state about this, the Indoctrination theory shitted me up a bit, I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it.. for example why was Anderson at the Citadel? Why was there just a blank space when Liara ‘shared memories’?.. blah blah blah.. I had nightmares about a hum coming from the fridge in my kitchen and was then too scared to go and get a glass of water.. :D it has turned a game I love into something more sinister…

Also I stand by my choice to destroy the reapers, and I do think EDI and the Geth helped inform this. I mean the Geth are cool and I do love them, but in much in the same way as I love my new cool Iphone. I don’t want to hug it though.. Plus whenever I took EDI out on a mission there were times when 2 EDIs were fighting, one wearing black the other blue, one of them didn’t have a head… I’m not going to put my trust in something that can glitch up like that.. :)
How do we know the reapers are even telling the truth about the cycle and could we ever control them?


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