Mass Effect 3 – The Ending

I’ve been reading up on the Leviathans, and really think we should have been given this information in the main ME3 game rather than it being a DLC..
It mostly raised more questions though.

Why did the Leviathans create the Intelligence (an AI) when the whole reason they created it was to stop AIs destroying their creators? Knowing that it would try to destroy them? Were they really in full control of their mental abilities here??
Do all AI’s try to destroy their creators once they become aware of their lack of self determination? Some of the Geth who turned against their creators are now being ‘temporarily’ controlled by the reapers on a promise of true consciousness, freedom, choice.
Why do the Leviathans choose not to destroy the Reapers when they have the power to do so? Is that really their choice?

This is a theme of recursive self-similarity, that famous Mandelbrot equation and the cyclical/fractal nature of the universe.
There is no escape, the cycle just continues on differing magnitudes of scale.

And thinking about the ‘choices’ we are presented with at the end of the game, are they really choices?
Control the Reapers? To do what exactly and would we really be able to control them? The cycle would continue.
Synthesis? The Reapers are already a synthesis of organic and artificial, so the cycle would continue.
Destroy the Reapers? Then what? Build some more AI’s in the future? the cycle would continue.

I suspect that Bioware were well aware that this ending would create a shit storm, the fans turned on the creators of the game as they were given no real choice. The cycle continued.

I think Shepard is symbolic of someone who is strong willed enough to not be controlled, Shepard cannot be indoctrinated. This is why the Reapers were so interested in him/her and why the Catalyst/intelligence/annoying child needs him/her as the ultimate solution.. He/She can break the cycle. ‘The Shepard’ is an idea..
But what happens when you break cycles? When there is no control?
Then what?
The cycle continues?

They could have just ended the game like this


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