The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt – 50hrs in..

So I’m around 50 hrs into the Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt and preparing for the last stand. So far I’ve found the game to be very engrossing and addictive, mostly because of the scenery, traveling, characters and parts of the main quest.

The Isle of Skellige are amazing and have inspired me to do some real life adventure travel, traveling by horse also seems far more civilised than a metal box on 4 wheels.

The variety of costumes and weapons has also be a high point, I have spent ages just looking at the details in the fabrics and craftsmanship of the weaponry. I wish that such care was taken over these  things in real life!!

There have been a few bugs, the most funny of which was this purple 2 headed horse that I managed to capture using the PS4 video capture mode:)

I also spent ages listening to this guy playing the flute

Are you enjoying the game too?


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