Dragon Age Inquisition!!

Yes I finally, finally got this game! I have been a huge fan of Bioware since I started gaming, I played Dragon Age Origins and part of Dragon age II. Now that I have a PlayStation 4 I can finally experience all that is modern gaming with this exceptional game.
Here is the amazing trailer, I love the music, the lazy confidence of the main character and the tight team depicted in it.

So far I have made 2 Characters, here is my Male Human Rogue, will be interesting playing as a man..
male rogue

Have yet to get a good picture of my female elf mage

I’ve made it to Redcliffe and finally met Dorian! He is such a darling.. and the clothes he wears (or doesn’t wear) whooo..
I’ve spent a huge amount of time in the Hinterlands helping refugees, stopping the fighting between mages and templars etc etc. Visited the Storm Coast for a bit as well as a few other areas, but the Hinterlands seem a bit more populated.
Getting the hang of crafting etc Sera’s bees have been a godsend when fighting bears. So far my fave companions are Iron Bull, Sera and Vivienne, I try to take them out with me as much as possible but I have a feeling that they tire if you take them out to much? loosing health more quickly? So I change up my team on occasion.
I cant find the place where I can see how much time I’ve spent in game but I’m sure its around 20hrs..

I also have the mages working alongside us and FREE at Haven, that caused a lot of ruffled feathers but I’m getting the feeling that this game is quite similar to Mass Effect in regards to the fear of artificial intelligence.

My take on it is that we have to at least trust in the mages to use their magic wisely if we are to move forwards in peace. Keeping them locked up in circles and hunted down just creates more of a threat, possibly tempting them to use blood magic in order to gain more power and control over their lives etc etc.


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