My Female Elf Mage Inquisitor :) – DAI

Female elf mage inquisitor
My female elf Mage inquisitor!
We have made it to Skyhold!!
The cut scene saw me wildly finger snapping on the sofa whilst shouting ‘yes yes yes’ I did think the scene could gave been even more cinematic though, for example the crow that flys into view over the mountains could have given a squawk

It has been interesting meeting Cole, I’ve read a bit about him and am looking forward to learning more about his back story. Also Krem, KREM! Such an amazing character, I hope s/he has a bigger part to play in the story, at the moment s/he seems to be a bit of an add on, to make Iron Bull more approachable?

I had a chat with Blackwall and although he is really really not my kind of person I hope he comes out of his shell a bit and forgives himself of his past (what ever that thing was)

I’m still in the Hinterlands and have done a bit of the Storm Coast, found the Black Emporium (haha) and will probably now spend a bit of time in Skyhold.

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