My supreme team – Dragon Age Inquisition

I got out of the Fade, it seemed too easy? I do have a superb team with me though (Vivienne, Cassandra, Varric) who seem indestructible, I’ve been tooling them up with accessories and potions which has helped. I’ll put the difficulty up to ‘hard’ and see how they fair.

I found that the notes in the Fade were some of the most emotionally engaging so far and gave me a new perspective on the history and politics of the DA world.
I feel as if I’m near the end of the game and there is still so much I want to do, I’ve cleared Crestwood, most of the Hinterlands and have almost finished the Exhalted Plains.. although I’ve been trying to find a way through the mountains for ages to get Vivienne what I think may be her face cream ingredients!!
The Western Approach seems to be as huge as a whole other game so I’m looking forward to exploring there.

I think I have a weird bug where I fill my requisitions and am then given the same one over and over again, getting more and more powers as I fill them immediately, but maybe they are all slightly different..

I’ve only met 1 dragon so far, I prepped the team with belts of electricity resistance, plus I brought along Dorian who has Spirit mage skills useful for the dragon’s vulnerabilities. I’ve heard about dragon hunting so I’m looking forward to this.

Blackwall has finally told me what’s been bugging him since he was a boy..was that all? Luckily I dumped him ages ago as I couldn’t take it anymore.. However Cullen is more like a puppy than a man.. Hopefully he will improve..
I had drinks with Iron Bull and the Chargers, I do love Iron Bull! I had a chat with Krem who I hope will come on a mission with us at some point, and sweet Dagna who I’m unsure about leaving alone with Harritt in the undercroft


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