Seriously pimped armour – Dragon Age Inquisition

I’m on my final push to defeat Corypheus, I need to clear all my outstanding war table missions first though, we have belts of focus, lots of bees (they seem to be the best thing against red templars etc), Some of us have seriously pimped well crafted formal attire armour which weirdly enough has a huge armour rating.
I managed to pick up something which makes be invisible periodically, and a weird resuscitation ability with shields that spin around me.
I have doped Cassandra up with loads of Mighty Offense Tonic.. she is unbeatable on that stuff.
Vivienne is mastering her Knight Enchanter skills, Varric… well I just look out for him as much as possible and feed him healing potions.
They are the best team ever..
Other team members such as Cole, Sera, Dorian, Iron Bull etc are great for chatter though.
I’m only level 19 and still have loads of secondary quests to do so it may be a while before I commit to what they are saying is the final push.. I have a feeling that it may not be..
The Venatori are falling like flies, I am empowering the Dalish Elves, recruiting agents, including Michel! Setting up outposts, including Caer Bronach in Crestwood with its handy crafting merchandise 😉
I fought side by side with Cullen 🙂

I’m trying to string out the game for as long as possible as I cant see anything as good coming out until Mass Effect Andromeda..

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