What Pride Had Wrought – Gaming quest perfection :) – DAI

I just had the most amazing 4hr DA:I session ever, my head is full of fluffy clouds right now..
So much happened, so much I am curious about, so much to learn….

Aaahhhh, going to bed now with a big smile πŸ™‚

(The following morning)

I did one of the main quests ‘What pride had wrought’ am still feeling giddy about it πŸ™‚
It all started at the war table when my advisors committed their troops to the ‘final’ push.
The cut scene had me shouting ‘yes yes yes’ whilst bouncing on the sofa πŸ™‚ and I wish we had a ‘Dragon age’ banner afterwards to help cement the momentous occasion, but I guess we know which game we are playing..
Here is the cut scene.. could contain spoilers… in fact don’t watch this if you are going to play the game.. please..

I fought side by side with some of my advisors and then arrived at the Temple of Mythal!!! omg omg omg! I read several of the mosaic notes, which were fascinating, I will be going back to see if I missed any.

I spent ages trying to do the rituals then just jumped down the hole instead :/
I met some very very special people and really hope some at least survived, they were amazing.. and what does this mean for the Dalish and Thedas as a whole.. it sent tingles down my spine.. I loved those people

Then I did something that Morrigan wanted to do, I’m not sure if it was the best idea as I weirded out in the war room, Solas is really angry with me and Sera tried to kill me!! I shouted at her and she approved πŸ˜›

I thought I had killed Samson earlier in the game but used Dagna’s rune on him in the temple. Dagna has also weirded out after researching the rifts, I hope she will be ok and think she may hold the key to solving Corypheus’ power. Also what we learnt about his companion is really really interesting, I’m looking forward to learning more about that!!

Back at skyhold I’ve spoken to Cassandra who seems keen on being the next Divine, I think it would be a great choice for her as I feel she wishes to brush off her thug image and really looks up to Vivienne. Selfishly I want her to continue fighting by my side.. for ever!
Leliana is also enthusiastic about being the Divine but I think she is too ruthless..
I left Cole in a catatonic state on a wall having an identity crisis, Dorian seems incredibly empowered.

All in all it was a brilliant quest which I think may have even surpassed my love of Mass Effect..
I was absorbed into every moment of it, every fibre of my being was strained as we fought our way to the Temple and encountered it’s occupants, my fear at doing that thing Morrigan wanted to do, my utter regret at not completing the rituals and having to do that other thing (please please please let some of them survive) Solas shouted at me then too and I even shouted back at the tv! LOL saying ‘well if the ritual was meant to be easy it wouldn’t have been much of a barrier would it!!’ and learning about how far Corypheus’ power extends is frightening.
and lastly I went to see Cullen and got this cut scene πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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