The ending.. Spoilers ahead.. – DAI

So Solas was just pretending to be a friend of the Inquisition in order to get the orb back and then use it in conjunction with the anchor?
What exactly is the relationship between the orb and anchor.
I guess he was helping to seal the breach as a show of loyalty knowing that once he had the orb it wouldn’t matter anymore?

Who are the ‘Agents of Fen’harel’? To be honest learning about them messed me up a bit, in the same way as the Mass Effect indoctrination theory did. ๐Ÿ˜› I like to get pretty deep into these games and hearing about such things feels like a real betrayal.

So.. could Sera have been one? She spreads chaos..I think Solas needs this, as a weakened Thedas full of in-fighting would help in his plan.
Why else would he have sacrificed the Divine Justinia and allowed the Qunari plot to progress?
In the end I vowed to bring him back to his senses, he said he hoped I would prove him wrong again what does he mean by that?
Did Flemeth pass on her power to Solas instead of Morrigan? What exactly is the relationship between Mythal and the Dread Wolf? BTW I always found those wolf statues super creepy.. And is her dragon form related to the old gods?

Who exactly resides in the Golden City? It could be any number of different people depending on whose story you follow.
And could the Darkspawn be related to the Forgotten Ones?

Soo many questions ๐Ÿ™‚

I am personally hoping that we see a return of Andraste’s bloodline in DA4 as I think it could be very interesting seeing as it may be set in Tevinter..

I need to replay parts of the game.. its all so epic and weird and dealing with history is such an intriguing way.
Personally I think Solas should just forget it.. he made a mistake, whats done is done, empires rise and fall, knowledge is lost and new knowledge gained.
He hated the world before the veil, why would he want to bring that back??????

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