Anthem… The Good, The Bad and the Pretty


Well it has been some time since I’ve posted here! Sorry about that, please follow my instagram account here for more regular gaming info

So its time to talk about Anthem again.. It had a very rocky launch which we now know was due to the game being unfinished on release.. hmmm… bioware… its ok we still love you.

I have still been playing on and off, patiently (or not) awaiting the much anticipated and promised content updates which I am now pleased to reveal are on the way!! Hopefully this month!!

In the meanwhile I have been indulging myself in the new armor offerings, specifically this beautiful Sweepshriek Interceptor armor which dropped a couple of days ago. I am calling this couture level armour and I explain why in the video below.

I was also lucky enough to meet a fellow badass warrior rocking this fine look whilst loitering in the Launch Bay.
Its all so cute..
sweepshriek armor cymarin anthem gaming

sweepshriek armor cymarin anthem gaming

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