Anthem Ground Based Melee Storm

Hello Everyone!! I hope you are well and enjoying the winter wonderland that is Icetide!!
Bastion has never looked so beautiful!

Today I want to share with you a game play video of my Fire Storm ‘The Phoenix’ who is a ground based melee build.
The build revolves around buffed fire damage, increased melee damage and lots of shielding, allowing the Storm to get up close and personal with enemies whilst dealing immense single target AND area of effect damage.
In the video below I used Divine Vengeance for the weak point explosions but I have since swapped to Unending Battle for increased melee damage.
I am also using Steam Vent and Binary Star.

I hope you enjoy watching how powerful a Storm can be on the ground and urge you all to experience the intense concentration of fun, in ground based team fights.


If you have any questions I will try to answer them in the comments section

anthem storm build cymarin

anthem storm build cymarin

anthem storm build cymarin

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