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Mass Effect 2

I’m currently playing this game, and to be honest am finding it a bit meh…

But I’m going to posting more on that later….

Just a few things

There are no elevators, except one that I found on illium, it even had the Citadel elevator music.. but it’s not as good…

The dialogue… seems to have been written by a 15 yr old for his peers.

Where is Mako???

What have they done to the Normandy?? it is big and noisy!!

My fish keep dying!!

What does my space hamster survive on? Space dust??

Why does my femshep walk like a man, slam the bar and shake her head whenever she has a drink.. its just white wine ffs..

Why is everyone crying on Illium???

Could they not have made Jacob with more depth..

I could go on.. and on.. and on..

And I will be 😉

Bye for now…

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Hello, I’m about to start a journey into gaming 🙂

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