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Witcher 3 -The Crones of Crookback Bog and Trypophobia

Whilst playing The Witcher 3 I was pretty disgusted by the Crones of Crookback Bog, not only do they eat children but the characters were designed to trigger feelings of abhorrence in the player.
From they way they moved and twitched, their highly processed voices and most especial some of the facial features.
One in particular was designed to trigger Trypophobia, a fear of holes due to thoughts of what might be lurking in them.

Crones of crookback bog trypophobia joanne seale cymarin

The Lotus seed pod is also known to trigger this is in some people and was probably used as inspiration for the character design.
Lotus Plant Seed Pod trypophobia joanne seale cymarin

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The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt – 50hrs in..

So I’m around 50 hrs into the Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt and preparing for the last stand. So far I’ve found the game to be very engrossing and addictive, mostly because of the scenery, traveling, characters and parts of the main quest.

The Isle of Skellige are amazing and have inspired me to do some real life adventure travel, traveling by horse also seems far more civilised than a metal box onĀ 4 wheels.

The variety of costumes and weapons has also be a high point, I have spent ages just looking at the details in the fabrics and craftsmanship of the weaponry. I wish that such care was taken over theseĀ  things in real life!!

There have been a few bugs, the most funny of which was this purple 2 headed horse that I managed to capture using the PS4 video capture mode:)

I also spent ages listening to this guy playing the flute

Are you enjoying the game too?

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The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt :)

Sooo, after replaying Mass effect 1-3 several times and ending up in tears, then trying to play Dragon Age origins and Dragon Age II but not really getting into them, and also trying to replay Elder Scrolls Skyrim and being put off due to motion sickness and all the dead bodies/skeletons etc etc I gave in.

I got a Play Station 4!! And the Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt!!!! YAY!!!!!!
the witcher 3 Wild Hunt

So far I am loving it, I’ve played for around 4 hrs (the game can be 100 hrs long) and have been enjoying exploring on my horse Roach, talking to characters and doing a few side quests whilst preparing to fight a griffin.

Am getting my head around crafting, the skill trees etc as well as combat.
All in all it is a wonderful game and Geralt of Rivia is pretty damn cool (hot) too.

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