3D VTuber Character Model ‘Mika’

I created this 3D character primarily as a VTuber model taking inspiration from Yae Miko in Genshin Impact. I rigged her and added facial expression shape keys in Blender, she also has dynamic bone physics created in Unity.She was textured in Blender and Krita.She was a really fun character to work on as I focused…

3D VTuber model ‘Gia’

Gia was one of the first VTuber models I created, she was modelled and rigged in Blender, textured in Krita, shape keys and dynamic bones were added in Unity.

Stak-A-Cat Mini Game Demo

I created this mini-game demo whilst completing an Unreal Engine MasterClass by Unreal Sensei, it was a fun way to express my modeling and game dev skills whilst learning how to use Unreal Engine.I loved creating this fun if somewhat bizarre world and populating it with my cat models and character models made in Blender….

How to texture paint gold 3d objects in Blender.

Hellooo I created this very easy to follow YouTube tutorial showing how you can quickly texture paint a gold or any other metallic surface in Blender by using the Fill tool and a Gradient Map Please watch the video or read a mini guide below First import a reference picture of a gold bar, this…

Use Clip Studio Paint Modeler to texture paint your 3D models!!

Hello and welcome to my site where I showcase my favourite things in gaming, 3D and VR. I have a new tutorial video on how to use the 3D modeling features of Clip Studio Paint to texture paint your 3D models created in Blender. Clip Studio Paint has a fully fledged modeling tool included within…

Forest Bird Scene Made In Blender

I wanted to make this forest scene following a Blender raytraced environment pipeline created by Grant Abbit.I also created the beautiful forest bird taking inspiration from the Cloud Retainer in Genshin Impact. I then added my character model ‘Duffy’ and the butterfly and flower which were all created in Blender.

Light Stage created in Unreal Engine

I wanted to create a stage made of light in Unreal Engine using animated textures as a backdrop that could be used in a music concert or other type of performance.