New Virtual Avatar ‘RLA-01’

New Virtual Avatar ‘RLA-01’ is now ready. She is mid-poly rigged to VRM armature protocols with blendshape visimes and dynamic bones. Her texture maps, 4 in total are hand painted.

3D showreel of my progress after learning for 2.5 years

3D showreel created with Blender, Unreal Engine and Unity. My career so far has involved creating visual material for broadcast, live events and online before branching into 3D in 2020. I have worked for major broadcasters such as ITV, Reuters and Warner Media as well as tech giants such as Apple.I would say I have…

Character Lore Cinematic

I created a cinematic for my VTuber character Mordrass as an introduction to his back story and world. I modelled everything in Blender (asides from the trees and animals), rendered the animations in Unreal Engine and colorgraded/edited in Da Vinci.

Gothic Castle Scene

Gothic castle modelled in Blender for a character lore cinematic rendered in Unreal Engine, the castle interior assets were all modelled in Blender too.

Space-Pod Design

I created this space-pod as a home world for my VTubing character in Unreal Engine, it was modelled in Blender

New 3D VTuber model ‘Mordrass’

3D virtual avatar and VTuber model, created in Blender, textured in Clip Studio Paint and rigged in Acurig. Shape Keys were added in Blender and Unity.

3D VTuber Character Model ‘Duffy’

Duffy was one of the first VTuber characters I made, she was modelled and rigged in Blender, textured in Krita, shape keys and dynamic bones were added in unity.

3D VTuber Character Model ‘Mika’

I created this 3D character primarily as a VTuber model taking inspiration from Yae Miko in Genshin Impact. I rigged her and added facial expression shape keys in Blender, she also has dynamic bone physics created in Unity.She was textured in Blender and Krita.She was a really fun character to work on as I focused…