New Virtual Avatar ‘RLA-01’

New Virtual Avatar ‘RLA-01’ is now ready. She is mid-poly rigged to VRM armature protocols with blendshape visimes and dynamic bones. Her texture maps, 4 in total are hand painted.

Gothic Castle Scene

Gothic castle modelled in Blender for a character lore cinematic rendered in Unreal Engine, the castle interior assets were all modelled in Blender too.

Use Clip Studio Paint Modeler to texture paint your 3D models!!

Hello and welcome to my site where I showcase my favourite things in gaming, 3D and VR. I have a new tutorial video on how to use the 3D modeling features of Clip Studio Paint to texture paint your 3D models created in Blender. Clip Studio Paint has a fully fledged modeling tool included within…

Light Stage created in Unreal Engine

I wanted to create a stage made of light in Unreal Engine using animated textures as a backdrop that could be used in a music concert or other type of performance.