Black Desert Online Halloween Event

Hello! and Happy Halloween!! I had the pleasure of attending the Halloween event in Black Desert Online and it was so good that I thought I’d make a photo essay and video. They really surpassed themselves with the vintage theme of this year’s Halloween village which saw the popular location of Florin dressed up to…

Warframe – ‘The New War’ Photo Essay

I recently returned to Warframe in order to complete ‘The New War’ questline and I must say.. it was quite challenging! So much so that I rage quit several times and it took around 4 days to complete!! Once again DE shined with their approach to visual and character led story telling in this game….

Stak-A-Cat Mini Game Demo

I created this mini-game demo whilst completing an Unreal Engine MasterClass by Unreal Sensei, it was a fun way to express my modeling and game dev skills whilst learning how to use Unreal Engine.I loved creating this fun if somewhat bizarre world and populating it with my cat models and character models made in Blender….

3D VTuber Character Model ‘Mika’

I created this 3D character primarily as a VTuber model taking inspiration from Yae Miko in Genshin Impact. I rigged her and added facial expression shape keys in Blender, she also has dynamic bone physics created in Unity.She was textured in Blender and Krita.She was a really fun character to work on as I focused…

Anthem Audio Story – “Bountiful Hunt” – Narrated by Cymarin

Hello!! It’s time for the third Anthem audio story narrated by myself and written by Bioware. In this episode “Bountiful Hunt’ we learn how a creature spewing pink crystals all over Bastion is defeated by two women on a mission! So grab a cup of something, find somewhere comfy to sit and enjoy the story….

Anthem – What is a Blade Slinger?

Hello and welcome to my little place on web where I share my gaming with you!! Today I would like to talk about the Blade Slingers in Anthem! These were added during the Cataclysm in 2019 but I only managed to get my hands on them during the Icetide event, hallelujah!! In the video below…

Anthem Audio Story – “Troublemaker” – Narrated by Cymarin

Hello!! It’s time for the second Anthem audio story narrated by myself and written by Bioware. In this edition Freelancer Rythe lives up to the story name!! “Troublemaker’ as she rains down ‘Sexy Danger’ on groups of unsuspecting outlaws. So grab a cup of something, find somewhere comfy to rest and enjoy the story..

Anthem – Interceptor Blade Slinger Battles

I posted a Youtube live session showing just how good the Anthem Blade Slingers can be, when used in the right situation. In this video I am using the Storm Shard which sends out a huge rotating circular force field that can rip shields to shreds, its great for bringing down Elemental Storms and Valkyries….

Anthem Ground Based Melee Storm

Hello Everyone!! I hope you are well and enjoying the winter wonderland that is Icetide!! Bastion has never looked so beautiful! Today I want to share with you a game play video of my Fire Storm ‘The Phoenix’ who is a ground based melee build. The build revolves around buffed fire damage, increased melee damage…